Thursday, August 6, 2009

TNTT - August 6th

Old photo but at least its Ed!

It was a beautiful August night but the wind just wasn't blowing the right way! After last weeks perfect conditions tonight just seemed...... SLOW!! A north wind isn't ideal on this course and the times sure reflect it, BU........T that didn't stop Ed Makarchuk from having his fastest time of the year and taking the win with a 20:35!! A crazy fast time into a head wind! Thanks to Rod McEwen for doing the timing and Judy Veal for taking care of the split times.

We will be having an end of season BBQ in the church parking lot on the 27th of August as well as our club championship 15km TT. This will be for all the marbles!! We will have medals for both categories (TT and Eddy Merckx) and Midweek and LaBiciSquadra will provide of all the food and maybe even a few cold beers! ( I said maybe : )

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight and please remember to help spread the word about our TNTT

TNTT Results - Thursday August 6th, 2009

1. Ed Makarchuk 20:35
2. Peter Kofman 21:52
3. Kerri Moretti 22:16
4. Jamie Smith 22:18
5. Greg Wellman 22:58
6. Steve Pasquill 23:10
7. Andrew Rucklidge 23:33
8. Gerard Martineau 24:03
9. Christianne Knobbe 24:25
10. Kevin Watson 24:35
11. Andrei Balalenau 25:49
12. Mandy Mayo 27:15
13. Merv Veal 30:25