Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Wednesday again...

And you know what that means right? The club meets at the Starbucks at the 404 hwy and Aurora Rd for 6pm. These rides are around two to two and a half hours in length and we change up the route every week. Last week we road Weston Rd tonight I'm thinking we go......

Don't care I'll leave it up to whoever shows!! See you tonight!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Provincial Road Race

This past weekends provincial RR was brutal! The weather gods were not happy and the entire day was a mess of rain and t-storms. I don't know all the results but I do know Neil Hendry had a great day and I do know Merrill Collins is the 2009 Provincial road race champion!!

Congrats to everyone who stuck it out and finished, you should be proud because it was one hell of a day!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

TNTT- July 16th

Tonight our fastest was one of our steadfast regulars, Wheels of Bloor’s own Paolo Dilecce.
A beautiful evening, but unfortunately there was a crash. One of our riders suffered a skewer failure and went down, we are saddened to report. In good spirits on the way to the ER, one of our regulars Mr Paul Rea, seemed in a bit of pain but toughed it out only later to find out he had a hairline fracture in his right scapula( ouch!!!) We are happy to report his beautiful custom painted Colnago is in good spirits as well and survived the crash. ER doc (and 2008 M2 provincial TT champ) Bryan Wolff happened to be riding by and helped out. The 6 DNF’s include 5 riders who stopped to help out.
The Crash did not slow the remainder too much. We were pleased to welcome some new faces.
Weather was cloudy, 26C, wins WSW at 17kph.
Finish First Last Team ET
1 Paolo Dilecce Wheels of Bloor 20:21.0
2 Dave Frake Midweek 20:51.0
3 Andrew Stewart Project Freeride 21:24.0
4 Bob Tomsic Norco 21:41.0
5 Derek de Gannes Above Threshold 21:59.0
6 Mike Medeiros Independent 22:16.0
7 Mike Steed Norco 22:40.0
8 Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 23:06.0
9 Ayesha Rollinson Trek Toronto 24:20.0
10 David Anthony Jet Fuel Coffee 25:25.0
11 Woody Marrouch Above Threshold 26:11.0
12 Kimberly Arsenault Independent 27:23.0
13 Merv Veal Independent DNF
14 Charles Magyar Midweek DNF
15 Paul Rea La Bicicletta/Jlindberg DNF
16 Simon Knowles Independent DNF
17 Adrian Leon Brampton DNF
18 Chris Freeland La Bicicletta/Jlindberg DNF
SplitsFirst Last Team ET
1 Paolo Dilecce Wheels of Bloor 10:50.0
2 Dave Frake Midweek 11:10.0
3 Bob Tomsic Norco 11:23.0
4 Andrew Stewart Project Freeride 11:27.0
5 Derek de Gannes Above Threshold 11:41.
Mike Medeiros Independent 11:50.0
7 Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 12:02.0
8 Mike Steed Norco 12:04.0
9 Chris Freeland La Bicicletta/JLindberg 12:10.0
10 Adrian Leon Brampton 12:30.0
11 Simon Knowles Independent 12:52.0
12 Ayesha Rollinson Trek Toronto 13:05.0
13 Paul Rea La Bicicletta/JLindberg 13:10.0
14 David Anthony Jet Fuel Coffee 13:24.0
15 Woody Marrouch Above Threshold 13:43.0
16 Kimberly Arsenault Independent 14:31.0
17 Charles Magyar Midweek 14:47.0
18 Merv Veal Independent 15:54.0

Timekeepers: Bob Haufler at the finish, Judy Veal at the split.
Cumulative results and updates:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peterborough ITT

Not a bad day for those dressed in Bici colors, a lot of the crew had good results! Here is a pic that former a LaBicicletta team member (Mr Chris Atkins) messed with and sent my way.
Everyone is a comedian!
Congrats to Leigh Bianco on her 2nd place finish, Frank Stillo on his 3rd place finish, David Jack was 4th, Phil Palmer was 8th and of course the fish brothers snagged 2nd and 3rd.

Friday, July 10, 2009

TNTT - July 9th

The weather was awesome and the top time trialists in the GTA flockedto our Stouffville/Unionville/Markham TNTT 15km course to see who could better the years fastest time. Ilya Petrovski decided he didn't want to be a bridesmaid anymore and smoked off a 19:30 his fastest time of the year and TIED Ed Veal for the fastest time of the year! These two have gone back and forth all season long bettering each other but how much longer can this go on? Can either one of these guys shave off more time? Or, are there any other big guns out there willing to give it a shot? Heath? Darko? Viney? Where are you? Stay tuned as I'm sure the fastest time of the year will be beat! maybe even a course record?

Environment Canada says it was 20C, 50% humidity, wind ESE at 17 kph (a very unusual wind direction for us) Great job everyone! Finish. First Last, Team ET
1. Ilya Petrovski, Wheels of Bloor 19:30.0
2. Paolo Dilecce, Wheels of Bloor 20:05.0
3. Eric Box, Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy 20:29.0
4. Dave Frake, Midweek 20:47.0
5. Peter Kofman, Coach Chris 21:24.0
6. Bob Tomsic, Norco 21:35.0
7. Paul Telisman, La Bicicletta/JLindberg 21:36.0
8. Andrew Stewart, Project Freeride 21:41.0
9. Steve Pasquill, Bicycles + 21:41.0
10. Chris Freeland, La Bicicletta/JLindberg 22:34.0
11. Bob Haufler, Midweek 24:09.0
12. Peter Cahill, Darkhorse Flyers 25:44.0
13. Paul Rea, La Bicicletta/JLindberg 25:53.0
14. Peter Choi, Independent 26:14.0
15. Mandy Mayo, La Bicicletta/JLindberg 27:04.0
16. Charles Magyar, Midweek 29:14.0
17. Merv Veal, Independent 29:45.0
18. Chris Chambers, Mazur Coaching DNF/mechanical

Splits Finish. First Last, Team ET
1. Ilija Petrovski, Wheels of Bloor 10:29.0
2. Paolo Dilecce, Wheels of Bloor 10:42.0
3. Eric Box, Garneau-Club Chaussures-Ogilvy 10:47.0
4. Dave Frake, Midweek 11:09.0
5. Bob Tomsic, Norco 11:20.0
6. Peter Kofman, Coach Chris 11:26.0
7. Steve Pasquill, Bicycles + 11:30.0
8. Paul Telisman, La Bicicletta/JLindberg 11:31.0
9. Andrew Stewart, Project Freeride 11:42.0
10. Chris Chambers, Mazur Coaching 11:47.0
11. Chris Freeland, La Bicicletta/JLindberg 11:52.0
12. Bob Haufler, Midweek 12:56.0
13. Paul Rea, La Bicicletta/JLindberg 13:45.0
14. Peter Cahill, Darkhorse Flyers 13:50.0
15. Peter Choi, Independent 14:04.0
16. Mandy Mayo, La Bicicletta/JLindberg 14:28.0
17. Charles Magyar, Midweek 15:44.0
18. Merv Veal, Independent 15:55.0

Timekeepers: Ed Veal and Judy Veal

More results and updates here:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Big turn out!

What a great ride tonight! 9 club members and one friend came out for an amazing 2 and half hour ride. Thanks to Neil Hendry for the wicked route and thank you to Diego Villate for changing my tire and fixing up that slash with a gum wrapper!

Wednesday Night Ride

Wednesday night club ride meets at the Aurora Rd and Hwy 404 Starbucks (in the Walmart plaza) every Wednesday night all summer long. This ride is open to all team and club members.
We leave for the ride at 6pm sharp! and we ride till the sun goes down. The route changes from week to week but you can expect some great rural roads to ride and a medium tempo with a few hills sprints to keep everyone awake. I look forward to seeing everyone one out tonight!!

Remember you can bring a friend along to check out our ride and our club on a one time trial basis, good people make a great club! see you tonight!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Midweek Crit Tonight!

Chris Freeland might have lost the beard but he sure hasn't lost his edge! Watch for him tonight as LaBicicletta will be the Midweek Tuesday night Crit series looking for the win!

Check out for all the details

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Provincials Pre-Ride

There was a great turn out today as 13 riders met at the Hidden Valley park parking lot to ride the Provincial road race course. We had a few easy laps and a few hot laps, so hot they shredded the field. The course was packed with other cyclists and even a few competing race teams. Thanks to everyone who came out today, we have to do it again the next available/open weekend.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Coupe des Ameriques - Leigh Bianco takes the win!!

Here is a great shot of Leigh taking the win at the Coupe des Ameriques Criterium this past weekend.

Not only did she win the crit, she won the hill climb and was 2nd in the TT. That gave her the overall GC win!! Congratulations Leigh!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

TNTT - July 2nd

Dense cool air blowing dead south at 11 kph makes it hard to on this course, as the 1.25 laps includes the northbound stretch twice. These were the hard facts tonight at the Midweek/LaBiciSquadra's TNTT, as Ed Veal of LaBicicletta/JLindberg won, but did not make his goal of besting his season record. Maybe our fastest guy's (tonights 1st place, Veal, and 2nd place, Jet Fuel Coffee's Peter Morse) legs are a little bit tired after trying in vain to chase down Planet Energy's Ryan Roth at Midweek's 29th Canada Day CHIN picnic criterium race yesterday. Times seemed a bit slow as nobody recorded their fastest time this year, except Steve Pasquill. Our 3rd place rider tonight, Pasquill, is showing continuing improvement. Great Job Everyone!

Finish First Last Team ET
1 Ed Veal LaBicicletta/JLindberg 20:16.0
2 Peter Morse Jet Fuel 21:00.0
3 Steve Pasquill Bicycles + 21:19.0
4 Lorne Anderson LaBicicletta/JLindberg 22:03.0
5 Tovi Helbronn Midweek 22:17.0
6 Derek de Gannes Above Threshold 22:51.0
7 Mike Medeiros Independent 23:00.0
8 Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 23:36.0
9 Ayesha Rollinson Trek 25:04.0
10 Rick Clavir Spokeomotion 25:20.0
11 Amanda Mayo LaBicicletta/JLindberg 28:01.0
12 Merv Veal Spokeomotion 31:08.0


Finish First Last Team ET
1 Ed Veal La BiciSquadra 11:05.0
2 Peter Morse Jet Fuel 11:38.0
3 Lorne Anderson La BiciSquadra 12:06.0
4 Steve Pasquill Bicycles + 12:14.0
5 Derek de Gannes Above Threshold 12:33.0
6 Mike Medeiros Independent 12:36.0
7 Tovi Helbronn Midweek 12:43.0
8 Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 12:54.0
9 Ayshe Rollinson Trek 13:48.0
10 Rick Clavir Spokeomotion 13:57.0
11 Amanda Mayo La BiciSquadra 15:10.0
12 Merv Veal Spokeomotion 17:05.0

Timekeeper: Bob Haufler
For season results and updates:

LaBicicletta takes home the gold!!

At least one of our Bici boys took home a medal!!

The kids race was a great success and was my little guys first taste of crit racing.

Happy Canada Day!

Click on photos to enlarge

The weather gods worked in our favor yesterday providing us with a beautiful and sunny Canada day, which also made it perfect racing weather for the 29th Annual CHIN picnic Crit.

Merril Collins took home the win in the Sidi Elite womans race with Leigh Bianco coming in 5th. In the LaBicicletta Pro/Am Elite race Thorben Weiditz placed 4th and Ed Veal placed 8th.