Monday, August 31, 2009

LaBiciSquadra "The Bike Team"

Dear Club Members,

As the end of the cycling season rolls around we here at LaBiciSquadra would like to know what you think of the club and the job we did after a full season in existence. Like any start up project there definitely have been a few growing pains and we would like a bit of feedback on what in your eyes we can do to improve. We really do want to provide a great club for you and strive to meet and exceed your needs for next year. Please take a few moments to drop me a line at and tell me what you liked, disliked and what we should improve on for next year.


Ed Veal

Thursday, August 27, 2009

15km Championship TT

Ficko wins!

We had an amazing turnout tonight for our 15km championship TT. 26 riders made it out tonight to try and take home the gold. The course had to be re-routed and shortened a bit but that didn't stop anyone from giving their all trying to take the title. With a north wind pushing the field home to the finish it was an extremely fast night with little or no places to make up time. If you didn't hammer the uphill start you would need to push more than a 58 tooth front chain ring to keep up with our winner. With the provincial TT only 2 weeks away, Darko Ficko came out tonight and showed everyone he is in fine form and ready to rip the heavy weight belt from around Ryan Roth's waist.

Gold goes to Darko Ficko with a 48.6 avg speed on the 12.5 km course and a time of 15.26. Silver goes to IIija Petrovski with a 48.3 km avg and a time of 15:31 and the bronze goes to Ed Veal with an average speed of 48kms an hour and 12 seconds behind with a time of 15:38. Bryan Wolfe had the fastest 15km TT of the entire season and has a medal to prove it but..... was 5 seconds off the podium tonight! Oh ya.....check out Merrill's time too, I see a few provincial golds in this line up!!

Congratulations guys and good luck at the provincial TT!!

Finish First Last Team ET
1G Darko Ficko LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 15:26.0
2S Ilija Petrovski Wheels of Bloor 15:31.0
3B Ed Veal LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 15:38.0
4Best ET Bryan Wolff LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 15:43.0
5 Peter Morse Jet Fuel Coffee 16:05.0
6 Neil Hendry LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 16:26.0
7 Heath Cockburn LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 16:44.0
8 Merrill Collins LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 16:46.0
9 Rod McEwen MCOR 16:51.
10 Dave Frake Midweek 16:53.0
11 Bob Tomsic Norco 17:08.0
12 Peter Kofman Coach Chris 17:14.0
13 Jamie Smith Ciclowerks 17:16.0
14 Frank Stillo LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 17:17.0
15 Mike Steed Norco 17:31.0
16 Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 17:37.0
17 Steve Pasquill Bicycles + 17:37.0
18 Christiane Knobbe MCOR 17:45.0
19 Marc Cascella Lapdogs 17:48.0
20 Gerard Martineau Above Threshold 17:49.0
21 David Chong Lapdogs 18:20.0
22 Marco Salvati Midweek 18:25.0
23 Charles Gordon Dark Horse Flyer 19:09.0
24 Ayesha Rollinson Trek 19:10.0
25 Mandy Mayo LaBicicletta/Jlindberg 20:53.0
26 Charles Magyar Midweek 21:37.0

Time keeper - Bob Haufler Film Crew - Paul Eekhoff Chef - Merv Veal

We would really like to thank everyone who came out and gave it their all this year. Without you there is no TNTT and we really appreciate the effort you put in and support you give it by showing up and making it what it is. I would also like to thank our sponsors, the Midweek cycling club and LaBiciSquadra cycling club. We will be looking for a title sponsor next year to help out our clubs so if your interested in supporting local cycling or know someone who is please contact me about our 2010 series. The best part of this whole experience was I got to meet some great new people! This season I had a blast running the event and a big part of that was partnering up with Mr Bob Haufler! We are going to keep this thing rolling and are pumped about doing it again next year. So stay tuned to our websites and blogs for info on next season, the off season, coaching and training and what events we will have coming your way for 2010!Next week Bob will be holding our 40km championship TT.

Midweek CC
LaBiciSquadra CC
TNTT Times

TNTT - 15 km Championship

The TNTT 15km championship is..............TONIGHT!!!! We will crown the season champion afterwards and have a BBQ to celebrate an amazing season of cycling in the GTA. Please come out even if it is your first TT of the season, bring a friend, a family member to cheer you on, everyone is welcome and then enjoy and burger or sausage on us afterwards.

We have medals for the top three time trialists in the 15km TT and then next week we will be having a 40km championship to get things ramped up before the provincial time trial Sept 13th.

Get your TT bike measured before provincials

Peter Hurley will be at LaBicicletta on Sept 5th measuring TT bikes before the Provincial time trial the following weekend. If you want to see if your bike is legal or not and have time to make the necessary adjustments a week in advance please stop by the shop. Peter will be there from 3pm till 5pm.

For directions check out the website

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Midweek Tuesday Night Crit

Its the last Midweek of the year, if your able...... try to make an appearance and a few of us can go out for a beer afterwards to celebrate a great season. I will be there tonight with a camera attached to the bike and a helmet cam as well trying to capture some amazing race footage.

Come out, get on film and and be apart of our documentary!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Orillia Sprint Triathlon

I can't run or swim but a solid 33km TT got me a 4th place trophy yesterday. Who knew an over weight sprinter could switch to triathlons so easily? Here is the link to the results

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Dirty Dozen

Another great turn out last night! Here are a few shots of the group on our way to meet up with two others who got to the parking lot a bit late. They weren't the only ones either, there were a few late comers who missed out last night. From now on just call me to let me know your on your way 905-251-8810. We can do a short loop and come back to the parking lot or you can call me to find out where we are to meet up with us. Thanks to everyone who came out, it was a great ride and a great group of people!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday night ride

This isn't a club only event anymore. Opening it up to the public got out 12 riders last week and we had a blast. So tonight we are doing it again! Come one come all, the more the merrier!

6 pm - Aurora Starbucks for a ride 8:30 pm Aurora Keg for an after ride beer

Monday, August 17, 2009


Check out this youtube clip

Performance - it's the name of the game!!

Elliot lake - Collins takes the win!

Once again Merrill Collins has stood on the top step taking the win in the senior 1-2 woman cat at Elliot lake this past weekend.

For full results on this past weekends O-cup click here

Thursday, August 13, 2009

TNTT - August 13th

David Chong and Rob Anderson (In photo)

Tonight was as beautiful a night as we have had all year. We had 20 riders turnout to test themselves against the GTA`s best. The wind was slightly out of the south which is perfect for this Stouffville course. The problem was that there was dirt and sand from construction on one of the corners that took away from the perfect conditions. Thanks to everyone for taking it easy and not putting themselves in harms way, even with having to take it a bit easier Ilija Petrovski (Wheels of Bloor) went under the 20 minute mark posting a very solid 19:50 to take the win tonight. We had a few new faces out tonight and two of them got into the top 5, congrats to David Pierce (5th) with a 21:43 and Ryan Hodgkinson (4th) with a 21:40. Both these guys were flying their Bikesports team colors with pride making Tom back at the shop very proud!! Great job everyone!!

Results for the 14.8km TNTT - August 13th, 2009

7.5km 15km Avg
Split time Finish time Speed

1. Ilija Petrovski Wheels of Bloor 10:30 19:50 45.53
2. Peter Morse Jet Fuel Coffee 10:44 20:16 44.04
3. Dave Frake 10:57 20:48 43.40
4. Ryan Hodgkinson Bikesports 11:31 21:40 41.46
5. David Pierce Bikesports 11:29 21:43 41.45
6. Stacy Wall MCOR 12:03 22:00 40.32 (EM)
7. Justin Rogers Norco 11:30 22:00 40.32
8. Mike Steed Norco 11:38 22:09 38.74
9. Steve Pasquile 11:46 22:10 40.21
10. Matt Drenters Z-Team 11:51 22:23 40.00
11. Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 11:50 22:45 39.57
12. Rob Anderson Coach 11:58 22:55 39.36
13. Greg Wellman Project Freeride 12:11 23:04 38.54
14. Gerard Martineau Above Threshold 12:02 23:21 38.25 (EM)
15. Adam Fitzsimmons Norco 11:46 23:24 38.24
16. David Chong Lap Dogs 12:13 23:25 38.14
17. Bob Haufler Midweek C.C 12:44 24:00 37.00 (EM)
18. Mandy Mayo LaBicicletta-Jlindberg 14:17 27:02 32.88 (EM)
19. Merv Veal Newmarket Eagles 15:21 29:15 30.45 (EM)
20. Chris Gruber DNF

Time keeper - Ed Veal Split times - Judy Veal

Please remember that Thursday August 27th is our end of season BBQ. We will hold the TT then have everyone back to the parking lot for a few hot dogs and burgs on us. Please bring your friends and family, everyone is welcome to join us.

Results are posted on and

Thanks again everyone!! I hope to see an even bigger crowd out next Thursday!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Check out for a laugh (at my last post not.....the fact that I want to be a coach : )

DEVIL of a ride!!

All summer long the club has been holding a "club ride" on Wednesday nights in Aurora. The turn out has been all over the map good and bad but only 3 to 5 most nights lately. In the early season when everyone was pumped to get out and ride there were a few rides where we had 9 and 10 people out all wearing our team colors!! Very cool! But the last few nights have been very weak and I'm starting to wonder where it all went wrong??

So from now on this "isn't" a Team/Club ride. No more turning people away, telling them it is club members only. If the club isn't interested in showing up I'm going to open this ride to the people who are.

So tomorrow night we are meeting at the Starbucks on Aurora Rd and the 404 hwy (Walmart plaza) Its a great spot with lots of parking, the coffee is delicious and a new Keg restaurant just opened up for anyone wanting to go for a beer afterwards. We meet around 5:45pm and leave the lot for our ride at 6pm. The riding is incredible 5 mins away from the plaza. Great pavement, awesome climbs and quit rural roads where you can ride side by side and chat before you stomp it up the next hill.

If you own a road bike and want to ride with some really great people on a beautiful Wednesday night, show up tomorrow at 6pm, introduce yourself and come along for the ride

Thursday, August 6, 2009

TNTT - August 6th

Old photo but at least its Ed!

It was a beautiful August night but the wind just wasn't blowing the right way! After last weeks perfect conditions tonight just seemed...... SLOW!! A north wind isn't ideal on this course and the times sure reflect it, BU........T that didn't stop Ed Makarchuk from having his fastest time of the year and taking the win with a 20:35!! A crazy fast time into a head wind! Thanks to Rod McEwen for doing the timing and Judy Veal for taking care of the split times.

We will be having an end of season BBQ in the church parking lot on the 27th of August as well as our club championship 15km TT. This will be for all the marbles!! We will have medals for both categories (TT and Eddy Merckx) and Midweek and LaBiciSquadra will provide of all the food and maybe even a few cold beers! ( I said maybe : )

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight and please remember to help spread the word about our TNTT

TNTT Results - Thursday August 6th, 2009

1. Ed Makarchuk 20:35
2. Peter Kofman 21:52
3. Kerri Moretti 22:16
4. Jamie Smith 22:18
5. Greg Wellman 22:58
6. Steve Pasquill 23:10
7. Andrew Rucklidge 23:33
8. Gerard Martineau 24:03
9. Christianne Knobbe 24:25
10. Kevin Watson 24:35
11. Andrei Balalenau 25:49
12. Mandy Mayo 27:15
13. Merv Veal 30:25

Lorne Anderson - Master mechanic

Where do you take the love of your life to get fixed? Of course I mean my bike!! Lorne Anderson is the best bike mechanic around. You can trust him with everything and anything to do with bikes and cycling. We are very lucky to have you at the shop Lorne and just wanted to let you know on behalf of the team and the club we appreciate everything you do for our loved ones oops......I mean bikes!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Terra Cotta

A beautiful day, an easy race course and 200 entrants made for quite the day of racing this past Sunday. LaBicicletta was out in full force(well maybe half force) ready to take on the cycling world. After a few attempts at an early break away one finally stuck at the 4 lap mark. With a few heavy hitters in the mix I was very confident this one was going to stick. We worked together pretty good, shedding a few weak riders and gaining one who was strong enough to bridge up to the 6 of us. With one to go Darko makes his way into the mix after 3 long laps of trying to bridge up to us. Somehow after 2 years as teammates we still don't know how to ride together and use each others strengths to our advantage, we mess up the finish and take home 6th and 7th. Not the greatest finish and not the best way to enjoy a beautiful Monday morning.
The good news is Merrill once again came through with the win in the woman's senior 1-2 cat. Man does she look good as of late!! Thanks to the whole Bici crew that was in attendance, especially Neil Hendry for playing games and shutting things down while Darko and I were off the front.

Here is a link to the results

Sunday, August 2, 2009

TNTT - July 30th!

Here is a link to the time trial results for last Thursdays TNTT. Bryan Wolff now has the fastest time of the year!! You know it had to be a fast night if even Derrek Ivey could go under the previous best ; )

Thanks to Bob Haufler for doing the timing and doing it well!! Keep up the good work!