Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DEVIL of a ride!!

All summer long the club has been holding a "club ride" on Wednesday nights in Aurora. The turn out has been all over the map good and bad but only 3 to 5 most nights lately. In the early season when everyone was pumped to get out and ride there were a few rides where we had 9 and 10 people out all wearing our team colors!! Very cool! But the last few nights have been very weak and I'm starting to wonder where it all went wrong??

So from now on this "isn't" a Team/Club ride. No more turning people away, telling them it is club members only. If the club isn't interested in showing up I'm going to open this ride to the people who are.

So tomorrow night we are meeting at the Starbucks on Aurora Rd and the 404 hwy (Walmart plaza) Its a great spot with lots of parking, the coffee is delicious and a new Keg restaurant just opened up for anyone wanting to go for a beer afterwards. We meet around 5:45pm and leave the lot for our ride at 6pm. The riding is incredible 5 mins away from the plaza. Great pavement, awesome climbs and quit rural roads where you can ride side by side and chat before you stomp it up the next hill.

If you own a road bike and want to ride with some really great people on a beautiful Wednesday night, show up tomorrow at 6pm, introduce yourself and come along for the ride