Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Terra Cotta

A beautiful day, an easy race course and 200 entrants made for quite the day of racing this past Sunday. LaBicicletta was out in full force(well maybe half force) ready to take on the cycling world. After a few attempts at an early break away one finally stuck at the 4 lap mark. With a few heavy hitters in the mix I was very confident this one was going to stick. We worked together pretty good, shedding a few weak riders and gaining one who was strong enough to bridge up to the 6 of us. With one to go Darko makes his way into the mix after 3 long laps of trying to bridge up to us. Somehow after 2 years as teammates we still don't know how to ride together and use each others strengths to our advantage, we mess up the finish and take home 6th and 7th. Not the greatest finish and not the best way to enjoy a beautiful Monday morning.
The good news is Merrill once again came through with the win in the woman's senior 1-2 cat. Man does she look good as of late!! Thanks to the whole Bici crew that was in attendance, especially Neil Hendry for playing games and shutting things down while Darko and I were off the front.

Here is a link to the results http://www.ontariocycling.org/web_pages/results/20090803results_tourdeterracotta.htm