Thursday, July 2, 2009

TNTT - July 2nd

Dense cool air blowing dead south at 11 kph makes it hard to on this course, as the 1.25 laps includes the northbound stretch twice. These were the hard facts tonight at the Midweek/LaBiciSquadra's TNTT, as Ed Veal of LaBicicletta/JLindberg won, but did not make his goal of besting his season record. Maybe our fastest guy's (tonights 1st place, Veal, and 2nd place, Jet Fuel Coffee's Peter Morse) legs are a little bit tired after trying in vain to chase down Planet Energy's Ryan Roth at Midweek's 29th Canada Day CHIN picnic criterium race yesterday. Times seemed a bit slow as nobody recorded their fastest time this year, except Steve Pasquill. Our 3rd place rider tonight, Pasquill, is showing continuing improvement. Great Job Everyone!

Finish First Last Team ET
1 Ed Veal LaBicicletta/JLindberg 20:16.0
2 Peter Morse Jet Fuel 21:00.0
3 Steve Pasquill Bicycles + 21:19.0
4 Lorne Anderson LaBicicletta/JLindberg 22:03.0
5 Tovi Helbronn Midweek 22:17.0
6 Derek de Gannes Above Threshold 22:51.0
7 Mike Medeiros Independent 23:00.0
8 Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 23:36.0
9 Ayesha Rollinson Trek 25:04.0
10 Rick Clavir Spokeomotion 25:20.0
11 Amanda Mayo LaBicicletta/JLindberg 28:01.0
12 Merv Veal Spokeomotion 31:08.0


Finish First Last Team ET
1 Ed Veal La BiciSquadra 11:05.0
2 Peter Morse Jet Fuel 11:38.0
3 Lorne Anderson La BiciSquadra 12:06.0
4 Steve Pasquill Bicycles + 12:14.0
5 Derek de Gannes Above Threshold 12:33.0
6 Mike Medeiros Independent 12:36.0
7 Tovi Helbronn Midweek 12:43.0
8 Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 12:54.0
9 Ayshe Rollinson Trek 13:48.0
10 Rick Clavir Spokeomotion 13:57.0
11 Amanda Mayo La BiciSquadra 15:10.0
12 Merv Veal Spokeomotion 17:05.0

Timekeeper: Bob Haufler
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