Monday, July 20, 2009

TNTT- July 16th

Tonight our fastest was one of our steadfast regulars, Wheels of Bloor’s own Paolo Dilecce.
A beautiful evening, but unfortunately there was a crash. One of our riders suffered a skewer failure and went down, we are saddened to report. In good spirits on the way to the ER, one of our regulars Mr Paul Rea, seemed in a bit of pain but toughed it out only later to find out he had a hairline fracture in his right scapula( ouch!!!) We are happy to report his beautiful custom painted Colnago is in good spirits as well and survived the crash. ER doc (and 2008 M2 provincial TT champ) Bryan Wolff happened to be riding by and helped out. The 6 DNF’s include 5 riders who stopped to help out.
The Crash did not slow the remainder too much. We were pleased to welcome some new faces.
Weather was cloudy, 26C, wins WSW at 17kph.
Finish First Last Team ET
1 Paolo Dilecce Wheels of Bloor 20:21.0
2 Dave Frake Midweek 20:51.0
3 Andrew Stewart Project Freeride 21:24.0
4 Bob Tomsic Norco 21:41.0
5 Derek de Gannes Above Threshold 21:59.0
6 Mike Medeiros Independent 22:16.0
7 Mike Steed Norco 22:40.0
8 Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 23:06.0
9 Ayesha Rollinson Trek Toronto 24:20.0
10 David Anthony Jet Fuel Coffee 25:25.0
11 Woody Marrouch Above Threshold 26:11.0
12 Kimberly Arsenault Independent 27:23.0
13 Merv Veal Independent DNF
14 Charles Magyar Midweek DNF
15 Paul Rea La Bicicletta/Jlindberg DNF
16 Simon Knowles Independent DNF
17 Adrian Leon Brampton DNF
18 Chris Freeland La Bicicletta/Jlindberg DNF
SplitsFirst Last Team ET
1 Paolo Dilecce Wheels of Bloor 10:50.0
2 Dave Frake Midweek 11:10.0
3 Bob Tomsic Norco 11:23.0
4 Andrew Stewart Project Freeride 11:27.0
5 Derek de Gannes Above Threshold 11:41.
Mike Medeiros Independent 11:50.0
7 Joel Cash Wheels of Bloor 12:02.0
8 Mike Steed Norco 12:04.0
9 Chris Freeland La Bicicletta/JLindberg 12:10.0
10 Adrian Leon Brampton 12:30.0
11 Simon Knowles Independent 12:52.0
12 Ayesha Rollinson Trek Toronto 13:05.0
13 Paul Rea La Bicicletta/JLindberg 13:10.0
14 David Anthony Jet Fuel Coffee 13:24.0
15 Woody Marrouch Above Threshold 13:43.0
16 Kimberly Arsenault Independent 14:31.0
17 Charles Magyar Midweek 14:47.0
18 Merv Veal Independent 15:54.0

Timekeepers: Bob Haufler at the finish, Judy Veal at the split.
Cumulative results and updates: