Friday, October 2, 2009

Paulo Telisman

Here is a picture from Paul's trip to Italy recently. He sent me a picture of his bike (whoopy do!) and one of him and some crazy Italian background( Yawn! ) but when I saw this one I knew I had to post it. Here is Paul and his beautiful 94yr old grandma! What a cutie! Thanks for the pics dude! and thanks for being an amazing team mate the last two years! Not only have you been a great team mate you have helped the shop and the club immensely and I'm not sure if you know how much we appreciate it! I have tried to no avail to keep Paul racing with us next year but I'm going to keep trying. He says he needs a break and I say............(well lets leave it at that) When you see Paul give him a hard time and make sure to give him your two sense on his little retirement. Please let him know he is loved and needed on our team and has a spot on it next year if he changes his mind.